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Fantastic Five of Paris

Paris often referred to as "City of lights" is one place to break free. There are many places which will make you happy and your trip a journey of a lifetime. If somebody wants to choose one place in Europe to 0X8004230c visit, then Paris would definitely be one of the best places to visit. From the Eiffel Tower to Arc 0X800703f2 de How Keloid Removal is Now Possible Without Surgery! Triomphe, everything is marvelous. If a list has to be made (which is very tough) about 5 must see places in Paris which one must visit, then the list must include the following:

Eiffel tower

Standing 300m tall, this is one of the modern architectural masterpieces. Designed and built by Gustave Eiffel to commemorate the centenary of French revolution in 1889, it has two restaurants in the lower level while there is a bar, replica of Gustave Eiffel and a Disable Touchpad In HP Mini 210 Netbook souvenir shop on the top platform. If you will go into figures then it weighs 7000 tons but there is more into it than these figures. Eiffel towers look awesome in the night with all the lights on.

The Louvre

Being the largest art museum in the world, Louvre is another must see in Paris. The Louvre's collection is overwhelming in size which includes many paintings, coins, antiques and sculptures. The DHCP ... Only Half Working For Win7? famous painting of Mona Lisa by Picasso is also kept here. It has a long list of items which is from ages and also of different origin and civilization. The Dimming Arrays Vba museum pass cards work here and the tickets are half priced after 3 PM Disable Power Saver Mode and on Sunday's.

Notre Dame Cathedral

Notre Dame Cathedral, Paris, is arguably the most stunning gothic athedral in the world. Its construction was started in 1163 and it took almost 200 years to complete. It has witnessed many events related to big wigs like Napoleon, Pope John Paul II and others. This place had witnessed some of the greatest moment in the history of the city. Come to 0x8007F02B this place and see how the beauty and the ambience impress you.

Arc de Triomphe

It was commissioned by Napoleon after he won the battle against Austerlitz in 1806, but it was finally built in 1836. Major 0X80070645 victories are written on the top of the arc and the small ones are written on the inside walls. You can go to the top through staircase or by taking an elevator the view of Paris from here is beautiful. This is one of the places in Paris which is always on the top of the list to visit.

Sacre Coeur

Last but not the least in my list is Sacre Coeur/Montmartre. This church is not painted as it appears to be but the whiteness is through the liquid secreted by Device Son Audio Muet Volume Haut-parleur Casque Lecture Lecture the white stone. This place will have a grand effect on you because of its size and location. This is a beautiful place to go and remember the good days once grrterte you are Unique Wedding Favors Everyone Can Appreciate back to your home.

Go and see how the beauty of these places mesmerizes you. Paris is and will always be a tourist hub and center of attraction for its monuments and museums.

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