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LAM Dec 7 '17
LAS VEGAS -- NBA commissioner Adam Silver said the league has yet to decide whether it will move the 2017 All-Star Game out of North Carolina due to serious issues with the states controversial House Bill 2 law, which limits anti-discrimination protection for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people. Nike Air Max 2017 Scontate .Silver, though, acknowledged that time is running out in terms of whether the NBA will opt to make a change to a different location.Id only say were not prepared to make a decision today, but we recognize that the calendar is not our friend here, Silver said in a press conference after the Board of Governors meeting at the Encore hotel. February is quickly approaching, and especially in terms of big events, like All-Star Games. If we are going to make alternative plans, we are going to need to do that relatively soon.Silver said the NBA has also been studying laws in other cities and states where NBA teams play, in light of this situation.Its one of the reasons weve been struggling with this issue in North Carolina, Silver said when asked if another state with a similar law would prevent the NBA from holding a future All-Star Game there. It seems that we have a unique situation in North Carolina, where we made a decision to award the game to Charlotte at a time when House Bill 2, the law in question, was not in place, and although these laws have all been shorthanded as so-called bathroom bills, the fact is there are unique attributes of the law in North Carolina, as compared to other states.We would have to deal with every situation on its own merits, Silver added. From the very beginning, Ive been reluctant to draw bright lines. But we also deal with the practicality of what were seeing in North Carolina. What the league announced, together with the Hornets, when this bill first passed was, putting aside what our core principles are and our belief -- which weve made very public that we feel this law is inconsistent with the core values of this league -- the primary test for us is whether under this law we can successfully host our All-Star week.Silver said there was a long discussion about moving the All-Star Game and that we got the views of many different owners after there was a presentation and update on the most recent legislative session in North Carolina.Silver said there was no vote taken by the Board of Governors and that the decision on the All-Star Game will be made by the league.We were frankly hoping that they would make some steps toward modifying the legislation, and frankly, I was disappointed that they didnt, Silver said. And then coming out of that legislative session, we wanted the opportunity to talk directly to our teams.Silver was hoping North Carolina legislators would modify the law in recent weeks. The NBA has expressed great concern with the bill -- which requires people in public schools and government buildings to use restrooms based on the gender on their birth certificates -- since North Carolina Gov. Pat McCrory signed it into law in March.The NBA views the law as discriminating against the LGBT community. Silver had said that the NBA would try to work behind the scenes to modify the law.I think this is a very difficult issue for us, and were trying to be extremely cautious and deliberate in how we go about making the decision, Silver said. But having said that, I recognize that were not trying to keep everyone in suspense. We recognize this decision needs to be made fairly quickly. Nike Air Vapormax . -- If this was Aaron Gordons final home game at Arizona, and it almost certainly was, then he went out in style. Air Max 2017 Offerte . -- Kyrie Irvings last-minute 3-pointer helped seal another victory for Cleveland -- and the Cavaliers longest winning streak since LeBron James left. http:///...-des-garcons-x-nike/ . The move comes after the Canadiens were approached by the Buffalo Sabres for permission to speak to Dudley - a former Sabres player and head coach. "The Sabres called for permission and I appreciate that, Im flattered, Dudley told TSN Hockey Insider Pierre LeBrun of ESPN. RIO DE JANEIRO -- In a scouting booth high above the court, his fingers flying across the keyboard a mile a minute, Joe Trinsey punches in every touch of every point in an Olympic womens volleyball match between Argentina and South Korea.Before the nights first serve, the Americans technical coordinator skips down a few stairs and adjusts a tiny camera that gives him the match feed on his laptop. He slaps hands with Chinas technical chief, Lingxi Yuan.Trinsey can rewind the match as needed. Its not.Just on the very slight possibility I miss anything -- very slight, he said with a smile between points.Do not even consider challenging this gum-chomping, knuckle-cracking number genius to a type-off. Hes the smartest guy most everybody with the program has ever met.Its like Moneyball, setter Courtney Thompson said of the baseball book based on the Oakland Athletics analytics-focused approach. When Joe tells us were going to get three, five, seven extra points a match off of this, its so motivating to us because hes so smart. When Joe says something, we all listen.The American women, who were chasing their first Olympic gold before Thursdays heartbreaking five-set semifinal defeat to Serbia, will play for bronze on Saturday against the Netherlands. Coach Karch Kiraly has embraced volleyball analytics the way baseball has turned to sabermetric measurements to evaluate players.Joe is the man -- 10 steps ahead of the rest of the world, assistant coach Tom Black said.Library of Congress, is how U.S. consultant Marv Dunphy, the 1988 gold-medal winning coach, refers to him.After each tournament, Trinsey pulls all-nighters evaluating each play -- there might be upward of 200 plays in a single match -- and turns over that information in 48 hours so Kiraly can begin presenting the data to his players.At the conclusion of last months Grand Prix, Kiraly sent an individual email to each woman breaking down her serve. The basic findings: serving to space, away from an opposing passer, is far more effective than serving right at someone.Its hardly that simple when Trinsey studies the tactic intently, yet thats how he presents such information to avoid making things too complicated.When Kiraly took over as coach for this four-year Olympic cycle, Trinsey offerred to be janitor, a volunteer, to shag balls again -- any possible task needed. Nike Air Max 2017 Uomo. He had been retrieving balls during training and helping out as a volunteer assistant for the London Olympics. It took about six months once the rest of the staff was set, and Trinsey had landed a real, paying position from Kiraly.Karch could see I was grinding, Trinsey said, just logging long hours in the gym and doing the grunt work.And learning. Everywhere he possibly could.Once, in 2011, he decided to visit the strong University of Washington womens team during spring practices, paying $50 to sleep on a college students couch for a week.Again much like baseball scouting, the Americans relied on radar guns during the London Olympics to track serve speeds then ultimately figured out that didnt help one bit.Now, its more of a three-pronged philosophy to helping players improve: studying the game as a whole and evaluating trends, while knowing the fine details of every opponent. And then theres the teaching component: The U.S. players must be able to execute the material they are receiving.With everything, you want to look through the lens of `How can we teach our players better? Trinsey said. We dont want the players to be mathematicians. We want to boil it down to one to three things they can work on.Going from volunteer gigs at Pepperdine -- working with Dunphy and U.S. assistant womens coach David Hunt -- and Loyola Marymount with Black, Trinsey ran some camps to keep the lights on. He moved out West from Delaware to chase this volleyball dream that mixes his coaching and playing background with his razor-sharp brain. A Division III All-American as a player, Trinsey received a degree in applied mathematics from New Jerseys Stevens Institute of Technology 2009.It was a risk in one sense, he said of heading to California with no guarantee of a steady job.The U.S. players are thrilled he landed with them.Everything he does is absolutely worthwhile, setter Alisha Glass said. As humans we err. We err in terms of perspective, we maybe dont have the right view. Just looking at the numbers, the numbers speak for themselves. 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