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wangpeng Jan 11

Mold, it can cause nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain, etc., can cause serious respiratory and intestinal diseases such as asthma,Plastic Wood Deck Wholesalerdysentery and so on. Dust mites are one of the culprits causing allergic diseases.

Bioactive substances, such as pet dander, hairs, saliva, etc., provide good conditions for the multiplication of bacteria. There is inhalable particles, bacteria attached to these particles floating in the air,guide on how to make double fence gate with door when they are inhaled by the human body can be transmitted diseases.

To prevent cracks in solid wood flooring, dirt, dirt, wood floor must be installed in the foundation to do a good job doing a good job of moisture-proof wood flooring work,marine synthetic teak in australia to maintain indoor ventilation.

Experts advise: solid wood flooring need regular cleaning dust, in addition, bedding, pillows and mattresses to attend to wash sun. Fabric sofa is best once a week in addition to dust, sofa armrests,process de fabrication silvadec cushions and crevices are areas that need to focus on clean. Every year, the sofa cover should also be removed and cleaned once. When the weather is sunny, remove the cushions, cushions, etc. and get the sun exposure to eliminate moisture and kill the mold.