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wangpeng Jan 11

1, dust sweep the garbage with a soft broom, you can also use the vacuum cleaner to absorb some dust. But do not advocate the use of vacuum cleaners,The Best PVC Decking For Sale if not pay attention, vacuum cleaners will scratch the floor. Re-use a more dry cloth mop mop the floor, drag the floor immediately after the dry towel to dry the water stains.

2, in the clean corner, you can use soft hair toothbrush for processing. Pay attention to clean the wooden floor, the mop must be wrung, until the feet do not step on the hard water,decking paint or stain can take to mop the floor, then, within 3-5 minutes to dry the water. If the floor has water stains, wipe with a soft towel and neutral paper. Must use a relatively soft cloth mop and towel, the above can not be corrosive substances.

3, if the wood floor dirt is more serious, can not use soapy water (alkaline) in addition to dirt,plastic plank floor outdoors you can go to the market to buy a special neutral wood floor cleaner to decontamination.

4, no matter what kind of wood flooring are afraid of water, if the wooden floor is soaked in water for a long time, the bubble of the passage of time will be deformed,frame it all composite plastic wood and even warp. Wooden floor water should be promptly dried water stains; rainy days to close the window to prevent rain drifting into the corrosion and soaking wooden floors; in wet weather, especially back to Nantian, heavy air humidity, available dehumidifier to Strengthen the ventilation, let the air become dry.

5, wooden flooring should try to avoid glare, especially solid wood flooring. Long-term bright light will make the floor peeling cracked, so in the vicinity of the window,swimming pool engineered wood the sunny day should pull down the curtains to block the glare.