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Shortly after the third quarter, Andrews got the latest news from Peyton again. Peyton has told McDaniels about his wife's upcoming birth and he also tells the latter whether they can stay at the stadium or go to the hospital. Peyton shouted to Andrews: "I told him that everything is fine." However, McDaniel never left the stadium, and even part of the Saints attack.

As the game time passes, McDaniels instead suffered a left leg injury, forced to walk back to the locker room. At this point, people began to wonder why the veteran played for 12 years in the league so calm. It turned out that all of this is the Saints coach Peyton rush out of Madden Mobile Coins the Oolong incident.

Saints team staff through the verification, McDaniels's wife was sent to the hospital, but the admission is not due to labor, but stomach. Therefore, the offensive tackle while enjoying the victory at the same time, do not have to worry about missing your child's birth.

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