Mussina hinted that Silva can play for United do blog lolgavip

Manchester United coach Jose Mourinho Buy FIFA 18 Coins started Man City derby psychological warfare, he hinted Manchester City midfielder Silva will not be the Guardiola said may be absent from the game.

"I want to hear the truth or what?" Mourinho said with a smile: "The fact is that Bahi can not play the weekend game, Jones May, Feilai Ni is possible, Ibrahimovic is very big possibility Matic was injured, but will certainly be on.

"I'm talking about the fact that he's hurt, but he's going to play, Carrick is impossible, is not it? It's not the story of Lacazette, David-Silva, all the facts.

"Our opponents have all these problems, they have a lot of problems, but in the end, everyone is ready to play.

"We really had problems when we ran into problems and when our players were injured they were really hurt and I told you the truth."

Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger had previously excluded Rakazat from playing against Manchester United last Saturday, but Rakazette overcame the groin injury and returned in time to fill the floor. And Matic Mourinho is not sure about his injury before the match - also played in that game. Mussina said after the game he would like to "congratulate" the medical teams on both sides.

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