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Raven continues to play the role of grabbing the ball, only 10 games this season, did not grab the right to win the ball a total of 26 seasons to grab the ball the first time in the league. Although there are still three gaps with the first-named steelers in the division, the team continues to hold the initiative of securing extra-card seats.

Rams lineman Connor - Balvin successfully underwent arm surgery on Monday, with head coach Sean McVeigh indicating that Balvin will miss the next few weeks, with Balvin injured last Sunday against the Saints of. Balvin this season can be described as the mainstay of the Rams defensive group, he completed a total of 25 blocks, including four sacks. During his breakout period, Balwyn, 31, moved to the Rams as a free agent with the Philadelphia Eagles and was also named captain after joining the team and played first in all of the games this season. The injury to Ballin means that he is likely to miss the focus battle on December 10 against the old Eastern Hawks.

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